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We're a young innovative agency offering long term value for our clients digital needs. Set up and run by Charlie Ellington we focus on creative digital content. From content marketing strategies, such as how to reach a larger audience and engage potential leads, to creating useful, entertaining and engaging branded video content. 

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SCIN Gallery Videos - Client Testimonial

The SCIN Gallery is a materials library on Old Street East London. Speech Bubble worked with the company to develop a digital strategy that compliment their brand aims to become a London voice of authority for architects and designers. 

We worked with the SCIN Gallery to produce engaging video content, that would tell their story and engage the audience with their brand values. 

Our latest video project - engaging website videos for the SCIN Gallery

Facts tell but stories sell is our motto. We don’t believe in a one off production for video but a continued story that can deliver measured results and return on investment. We worked with the SCIN Gallery to produce engaging video content, that would tell their story and engage the audience with their brand values. 


The SCIN Gallery is a materials sourcing and advisory company on Old Street, east London. Their mission is to source and display the best materials to inspire, and specify, for architects and designers.!



Bring architects and designers to SCIN’s world.

The gallery wanted to increase the number of architects and designers coming to the gallery physically, and to their new website. They also want to encourage material companies to sign up to be in the gallery.



Clearly communicate what is a very exciting and innovative brand through video. We mixed shots showing the quirkiness and coolness of the gallery with testimonial interviews from influential people connect to the gallery.



A total of twelve videos with different messages depending on the audience, positioned on the website or marketing communication.

We’re in the final stages of producing the videos, however, we have one happy client who has already provided three referrals. 

Trans Savoie Enduro Mountain Biking - Event Media Team Management

In August 2013 we worked with Trail Addiction and ran the media team for their first Trans Savoie Enduro Mountain Biking Competition


Trans Savoie ‘Big Alpine Enduro' is a six day mountain biking competition open to over one hundred riders. Open to all but attracting big names in the mountain biking world.


Produce six days of engaging content. Our normal approach would have been to generate interest within the mountain biking community to sign up competitors. However, with the event selling out in 48 hours in its first year, video content was all about reaching the largest possible audience.

Ultimately, we wanted the entire mountain biking community talking about the event to bring on a new major sponsor for the events second year.


We organised six keen amateur videographers to capture as much video footage as possible each day. Intense late night video editing sessions and a large caffeine intake resulted in bi-daily releases and several after event videos. 



Over 150,000 video plays across Vimeo and Facebook reaching the target audience of mountain bikers.

Videos featured on the front pages of most major European mountain biking magazines/media outlets.

Shimano secured as the main event sponsor. 

See the full videos - 

The importance of visual content - Healthy Options Holidays Morocco

We always work to our clients budgets and requirements. In the case of Healthy Options holidays there wasn't much, apart from the offer of a ten day holiday to Morocco. Whilst out there, armed with a Canon 60d DSLR, standard lens and a budget microphone, we captured the guests experience over the week.  

Our focus was on getting good content, to really show off the holiday package in much more detail than words and photos on a website. 

The real trick is using faces and testimonials potential guests can relate to, to explain their experience and give an honest recommendation of the company. 


Mick Collins Epic Zoetic Video

We jumped on the chance to work with long term friend Mick Collins, a lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the UEA. Mick has just written a book and is moving on to start his own company Epic Zoetic.

Mick asked us to produce a homepage video communicating his story and the values of his new company. 

Wildwind Sailing Holidays launches new centre on Mauritius

Wildwind Sailing Holidays have been running some of the best activity and sailing holidays in Vassiliki, Greece for the past twenty five years. After leaving school I worked as a sailing instructor on their beach team for four summers. 

When finishing university and judging career options, starting a company on being a permeant-life-gap-year-beach-bum was a tough decision. My experience at Wildwind gave me unbeatable skills and was my first hands on experience presenting to large audiences and being client focused. 

Wildwind became one of my first clients and in the summer of 2013 Speech Bubble worked closely with their founder, Simon Morgan, to set up their new sailing centre in Mauritius. Working along side digital company, Next Door Digital, we worked on the brand, video and website. 

How Speech Bubble Started & A Testimonial From Our First Client

It's always important to remember where you came from. 


Speech Bubble was started in my university bedroom in 2012. Every summer I had worked in Vassiliki, Greece - a mecca for windsurfing and sailing. I worked alongside Flying Fish - a watersports and professional yacht training company, whom approached me (I think for no better reason) because I was young and 'just-got' Facebook. I started to run their social media networks, leading to many referrals and other clients, until one day I started watching their 10-year old website promotional videos. 

The naff early 2000s haircuts got to me and I walked into their office telling them the videos were harming their brand and I couldn't possible share them on their beautiful Facebook page. 

Again, putting a lot of trust in someone, they let me produce a set of engaging, fun and exciting videos to help sell their watersports courses... 

Armed with a borrowed DSLR and new found knowledge from Vimeo Video School I set off for the summer to make videos. It first hand taught me the value of engaging, useful and entertaining video content. It truly paved the way to find unique ways to create stories and give a brand's audience much more than website words and text.  

All though looking back on the videos their quality isn't up to the standards we expect now, however, over the last few years they have been a great success and led to many new clients for Flying Fish. 

You can watch all the videos on their Youtube Channel or watch the testimonial from their Marketing Director...