Fresh and Uncomplicated Digital Strategy

A digital strategy with Speech Bubble is a fresh and uncomplicated process to create a measurable and goal oriented action plan for brands who wish to effectively utilise the digital channels available to them. 

Objective 1 – Fulfil Your Business Goals

A GOSPA orientated strategy to to give specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely plans for your digital activities on budget. 


An overall business goal to,


To define specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely objectives that will offer a return on investment.


To build a goal oriented strategy focused on user experience and audience-centric quality content delivered in an uncomplicated way.


Creating step by step digital marketing plan.


Enforced responsibilities and budgets whilst implementing the necessary tools for an up-to-date and comprehensive approach to your digital channels.

Objective 2 – Value

To give you a digital strategy with in-depth value, by sitting in the middle of our value triangle:

Strategy – Focused on your digital marketing and business goals to grow your company, customers and digital power.

Creative – We are focused heavily on creating a strategy that helps our clients achieve their digital goals as well as creating content that is visually exciting and an end user experience that really delivers on looks and usability.

Technology – We’re young (geeky with our digital tools) yet experienced to bring a totally fresh approach to digital strategy and explain it in an uncomplicated way.


Objective 3 – Digital Channels at Every Customer Stage


Your digital strategy is much more than your website

We work on the premise that:

Success (sales, leads, clients) = website traffic x website conversion

Therefore our digital strategy is divided into the following six sessions or areas. However, we always offered a tailored proposal according to your needs. 

Business Goals and Digital Objectives

We define your digital and business goals to create measurable objectives before defining your audience or putting in tools to get a more depth analyses of your customers. 

Website and Digital User Experience

We fully review the user experience of your website. This could form a plan for an updated website or tweaks to optimise conversion. 

Website Traffic and Digital Marketing Channels

Together we consider what digital marketing channels are going to be in focus to optimise reaching your audience and creating traffic to your website. 

Social Media and Content Strategy

Plan the best visual engaging, entertaining and useful content to build an editorial plan to manage your social media channels to distribute and engage a new audience and existing customers.

Measurement, Action Plans and Responsibilities

Presenting a strategic document and deciding how we’re going to measure, who’s going to do what and the next steps to enact your marketing plan. 

Tools for Digital Marketing

Recommendations and training on the digital marketing tools, such as analytics, advertising and email to achieve your digital marketing goals.