High Quality Visually Engaging Content

We create high quality and visually engaging, interesting and well thought out digital content. Focused on creating a digital strategy that helps our clients achieve their digital goals whilst creating branded videos focused on engaging the viewer.

How We Do Content

We’re an agency focused primarily on delivering fresh and uncomplicated digital strategy along side audience-centric visual content.

Unlike a production company, filmmakers or creative agencies we can deliver on all aspects of the process. Our end to end strategy led service delivers content to brands who wish to effectively utilise their digital channels.

We focus on the full picture to offer an effective digital strategy and audience centric creative visual content distributed to your audience.

Our Work

We follow this formula for success…

Success (sales, leads, brand awareness, brand engagement) = Audience Views x Goal Conversion

This strategy led approach means we look at the overall video strategy to make sure it is relevant and entertaining for your audience and also placed in front of them through your marketing channels or distribution channels. We then make sure the video is focused on your goal encouraging and converting to specific actions, for example, website traffic, an enquiry or just brand awareness and engagement.

This Strategy led approach can be seen in our work:

How We Offer More Value

To give you a digital content with in-depth value, by sitting in the middle of our value triangle:



Focused on your digital marketing goals to grow your brand, customers and digital audience.

This means looking at the full picture from story telling through to distribution.


We are focused heavily on creating a strategy that helps our clients achieve their digital goals as well as creating content that is visually exciting and an end user experience that really delivers on looks and usability.

We do not make promotional videos, but make content brands’ audiences will engage with and enjoy.



We’re young (geeky with our digital tools) yet experienced to bring a totally fresh approach to digital content and explain it in an uncomplicated way.

This means making sure we’re using the right tools for the job. Whether that be super high definition three hundred frames per second cameras or a GoPro!


Internal Communications and Animated Videos

Internal Communications

Our approach is to make interesting and engaging, high-quality professional videos. Your team is a brand and needs the same attention to detail when communicating your message.


Animated Videos

We can do a wide range of animation to your needs. Due to the nature of our work, we can’t show a lof of our internal communications and animated videos. Please contact us for examples specific to your project.


The SCIN Gallery


For the SCIN Gallery we worked closely with the ambitious expansion plans. Our digital strategy helped to reposition their materials library for architects and designers into a media and content agency for architects and designers.



The videos were placed on their website to increase on site engagement and deliver their message in a clear, precise and interesting way. Videos were also used as a sales tool to potential sponsors and paid exhibitors.



With the launch of their new website we’re currently measuring how effective video is at delivering their measure. Over the past twelve months the videos have been an effective sales tool for material companies exhibiting in the gallery.

The Trans Savoie


Our brief was to entertain the mountain biking community with exciting media coverage of the mountain bike event. With the event entry selling out each year in a few hours we were not focused on creating sales, but engaging a larger audience to make it the most talked about event in enduro mountain biking.



By reaching the largest audience possible our goal was to bring on a large sponsor and increase sponsorship revenue.



Through managing a six person media team we covered the event with daily video releases. These were shown on the front page of every major mountain biking website. We also distributed the videos via Facebook advertising. With half a million views across seven videos in a niche community, we were well on our way to being the most talked about enduro mountain bike event, with Fox and Shimano now secured as the lead event sponsors.

One Off Productions

Videos for your brand and audience

We understand that these packages are not always suitable for all budgets and projects. We worked with another of clients for one off projects on quotation.


Internal Communications 

For example, see our one off projects with the marketing team at Danone. Working to a tight brief to deliver effective internal communication.


Event Videos 

Our approach to events is to create short form content your audience will engage with by being informative, entertaining or useful. For example, our videos with Artful Consulting are recorded over an hour long event but split into three minute videos to answer useful questions regarding content marketing.


Promotional Videos 

Sometimes the classic promotional or product explainer video is just what you need. We make sure the content is audience centric but has measurable digital business goals such as website conversion and sales.

Working With Us Should Be An Experience

Working with Speech Bubble should be an experience. Collaborative, audience driven, results based, clear thinking, personality driven, passionate youthful exuberance offering a fresh face to digital.